Why Palliative Care Plans Don't Mean You're Giving Up

Cancer is a terrible disease that affects many people either directly, or indirectly. Because of this, many people will understand that in lots of cases there is no cure for their loved ones. Instead, palliative care plans must be put in place and honest discussions about the future need to be had.

Palliative care is not a sign that the medical profession, the sufferer and caregivers have given up. Indeed, these steps are often the best way to discuss important details and ensure the last days, weeks, months or years of the cancer patients life are comfortable and as happy as they can be.

To many people reading this, we know it might sound implausible. But, many caregivers who’ve experienced this sad and often inevitable part of cancer agree that talking honestly and thinking carefully about a full and supportive palliative care plan is helpful for everyone involved.

Find out more about how giving end of life care to cancer patients can help preserve happy memories of your loved ones.


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