Wrapped In Love

Wrapped in Love was inspired by my mom when she was in the hospital before she passed away.  It was Christmas eve, and my mom said she didn’t want any visitors as she felt she looked too bad in her state of illness.  I felt helpless, so I decided to make her a wrap that could be worn over her patient gown to make her feel special and beautiful. The nurses said she seemed to light up, and I knew then that one day I wanted to do the same for others.
     Last year I gave up my career of 30 years in public relations and started a new chapter in my life designing wraps that would provide warmth, beauty and dignity to those in the hospital, getting treatment, or convalescing. I began by meeting with nurses at the same hospital my mom had been in to gather their input, ensuring that the design provided them with the access they needed for medical attention. I then arranged a focus group with cancer patients and survivors to get their input regarding fabric, color and style preferences. The ladies were thrilled to be a part of this novel fashion panel, and pleased to be able to share their thoughts and suggestions.  I couldn’t have done it without them!
     Wrapped in Love is now a reality, consisting of beautiful, warm, cozy wraps that come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics.  Each has a signature, detachable flower pin (as my mom loved to garden).  Matching head wraps and infinity scarves complement the fashion accessory line.  Everything is made in the USA, and a percentage of each sale goes to a different charity each quarter.
     I have met so many wonderful people on this new journey, and I look forward to wrapping many more in love and happiness — all thanks to my mom!
Karen Mac Donald


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