You Could Be the Lucky Winner of a Pink Time Out in NYC

If you are a breast cancer patient looking to put closure on the end of active treatment and facilitate the transition to life as a survivor, listen up!
I want to share a wonderful opportunity with you to:
  • Have a physical and mental break from all talk, all sights and routines that remind you of breast cancer;
  • Have the opportunity to feel refreshed in mind, body and spirit;
  • Enjoy a much-needed recreate and participate in normalizing activities; and
  • Have the freedom to think about something other than cancer, to begin thinking about what comes next as a survivor.

No Boobs About It, Inc., is a not for profit organization sharing information, resources and support to get you through treatment and on with life. I'm excited to announce their second Pink Time Out this Christmas in New York City!

The lucky winner of this marvelous trip will enjoy her getaway to New York City on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of December. The trip includes a three-day stay at an elegant hotel in the heart of Manhattan, breakfasts and dinners, and tickets to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. (I've seen it twice! It really is spectacular!!)

Any woman, who has completed active treatment (surgery, chemo and /or radiation) between October 1, 2012, and October 31, 2013, is eligible to participate in the lottery drawing for this “Pink Time Out “getaway. Information about the trip will be posted on No Boobs About It on October 1, 2013. Women can enter the lottery beginning on that date. The lottery will close on October 31st. The lottery drawing will be done the next day, November 1, 2013; the winner will be announced the same day.

This trip is funded by the Allen School for Health Sciences of Brooklyn, NY, and its students. You can learn more about this wonderful Pink Time Out in New York City at No Boobs About It. (Thank you! to Jean Campbell of No Boobs About It for sharing this information with me.)

If you're eligible, make sure to enter the lottery and good luck!

Survival > Existence,

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