You know what works for you

Here’s a conversation I’d like to have because it’s something we’ve all heard from someone, somewhere along the line … people who tell you thinking positive is critical. I agree, but I had a social worker at my cancer treatment center tell me “Tell yourself 'I WILL be cured.'”

And I said, “I think telling myself "I WANT to be cured is more realistic.” I had a very aggressive breast cancer that has ok but not great prognosis and I just don’t know beyond doubt what will be.

She shook her head and said, “No. Tell yourself "I WILL be cured.'”

Now the pressure was on. I had myself worried that if I can’t make myself believe this, maybe I’ll negatively affect my outcome. It only made me feel more pressured to change, and less in control.

I stood my ground. Because that’s what works for me, telling myself “I hope I will be cured.” And continuing to do what I can for me: eat better, walk, pay closer attention to how the sun feels on my face. Replay what it feels like when my daughter says “Love you Mom” or when I have a good laugh with my pink sisters on Facebook over the wildest things.

So, through all this babble I want to end with, I think we should try, really try, to be as positive and do as much for ourselves as we can to be healthy and happy. But what works for one person may not for the next. No pressures to have to always be happy. No pressure to grasp a certain conviction or mantra or else feel like you’re doing yourself in. I say do what works for you, but always work for something better. Don't mean to sound like a L'Oreal commercial, but you're worth it! 🙂



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